Meet Doctor Kobsar DC, DACBN, CFMP

Meet Dr. Bradley Kobsar

Dr. Kobsar of Wellness Method

Dr. Bradley Kobsar is quickly becoming one of the country’s leading experts in lifelong, optimized living. His breakthrough RECREATE 365 Wellness Method has proven that diminished health and vitality can be restored by just about any proactive person at any age.

You can harness simple, self-care practices and lifestyle changes to recreate your health using Dr. Kobsar’s Wellness Method.  Your path to living your best life starts here with a partnership between you and the doctor.  Together you will be guided through preventing age and disease related decline, optimizing your body’s self repair mechanisms, and discovering your unique bio-chemical make up.  

You will learn how nutrition, hormonal balancing, genetic testing, exercise, herbals, detoxifications and nutraceuticals can address your underlying problems rather than staying in the struggle of pain, aging and disease.

Dr. Kobsar’s fascinating and refreshing natural approach to your body transformation includes principles on mind set, nutrition, a unique exercise program, reducing inflammation and balancing hormones. This program can work for  you at any age when you are truly ready to resolve your conditions.  Kids, teens, adults and senior have all benefited and rewrote the story of their lives through his Functional Medicine Approach.

Dr. Kobsar is double board certified in Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Chiropractic. He is a published author and his award winning wellness program received federal funding over 5 years through the Santa Clara County Hospital system. Today, his practice is world-wide while home-base is in Danville, California at his “Wellness Method” clinic. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Clinical Nutrition and serves on the Opiod Task Force of the State of California.

“Stress leads to sickness and disease. Reduce stress in all forms, provide the body what its lacking and you’ll begin to restore your health one step at a time.”