Why Choose Us?

Why choose Dr. Kobsar and his award-winning Wellness Method?

You want a personal plan that is going to address your specific issues, not a one-size-fits-all approach.  You are individually designed and have different needs. 

You want a clear path to restoring your health and you want to be free from the struggles these issues have caused in your life.

Our Wellness Method focuses on resolving the underlying causes of health issues rather than treating symptoms.  Our approach emphasizes treatment of the Person, NOT the disease.  The Wellness Method is a partnership between Doctor and Patient.  The Wellness Method is a compliment to conventional medicine where two systems of health can work together wherever possible.

Dr. Bradley Kobsar’s Wellness Method has brought thousands of people through real health struggles and into a life free from medications, chronic issues and suffering.  We want that for you.

If you are not burdened by health struggles, we have a plan for you too!  We work with people all across the spectrum whether looking to enhance your performance and run a marathon, lose weight or completely resolve serious health struggles.

Margo meets Dr. Kobsar

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