Your Program

A Program Designed for You

You could have a hormone imbalance that sabotages your weight loss even when you are doing everything right! But your personal trainer or your nutritionist can’t diagnose that, and you’ll be running into a brick wall over and over until you get labs done and a correct diagnosis. Insulin resistance from blood sugar instability, low Testosterone, a stomach that can’t absorb nutrients, or an injury from exercise . . . all of these are often overlooked without a comprehensive health and wellness strategy and often results in frustration and quitting. And who do you blame? Usually yourself. But it’s not your fault. You needed a comprehensive and structured program with all principals addressed so you can have complete success in all areas of your health.

Like any project you work on, you must invest time, money, effort and focus in order to make positive progress. Your body is no different. You only have one for your whole life, so investing in yourself is one of the best ways you can live your best life!

We designed The Wellness Method for you so that you have a clear path with expert support to help you reach your goals. The Wellness Method is based on our 8 Principles of Wellness. If these foundational principles are in your life on a regular basis, you can’t help but turn your health around and recreate your life. Once you begin restoring your health, your entire life begins to change for the better. This is our simple, yet scientifically proven approach that has breathed life into so many others, and you could be next! The 8 Principles are:

Education & Curriculum
Reducing Inflammation
Endocrine System
Alignment of Your Structure
Total Nutrition

It’s no accident that our Principles spell “RECREATE”. We call our principles “RECREATE” to honor your body’s ability to renew itself given the right support.

Tommy and Karen before

Tommy and Karen after!

Triglycerides down 👎🏻 
Cholesterol down 👎🏻
Thyroid in range ✅ 
Energy up 👍🏼
Arthritis gone 👋
Gastritis gone 👋
He’s lost 70 lbs, she’s lost 50 lbs 💪🏼.
This is restoring your health.