Physical Pain

Physical Pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists longer than the natural healing recovery period associated with a disease or injury. It’s good to remember that pain is subjective and only the person experiencing the pain knows how it truly feels. Pain perception involves both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The nerves of the peripheral nervous system convey messages to the brain via the spinal cord. When persistent pain transmission occurs, a-wind up phenomenon induces a change that allows pain signals to transmit more easily. This change may even hijack non-pain nerves and get them to transmit pain signals as well. Chronic pain can cause depression, anxiety and less physical activity leading to degeneration, hormone imbalance and accelerated aging.

If you suffer from Chronic Pain a one cause, one solution approach won’t work here. When you have joint or muscle pain, it feels like the fix should come from the area where the pain is present. But in complex pain we often work on systems that are distant from your pain sensation. You can’t chase complex pain, you must correct the system malfunction or risk a life of crippling pain and dependence on canes, walkers or wheel chairs. This can severely affect interactions with your children, grandchildren, and not to mention intimacy with your spouse/partner because everything hurts.

Since Chronic Pain is often unrelated to tissue damage but rather to things like an inflammatory lifestyle, obesity, anxiety and depression, blood sugar, diet, toxins and insomnia to name a few – you must address the systems, including the Gastrointestinal, Hormones, Nervous, etc.  The internal systems of your body become inflamed and it causes physical pain that doesn’t resolve on its own.  Using pain medications will mask the pain, but will not resolve the underlying issue.  We will work with you to bring inflammation down and the result will be decreased pain.

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