Weight Struggles

Weight Struggles

Health Gain = Weight Loss

Awarded The Best of the East Bay Weight Loss Program, we are proud to say we’ve helped people lose thousands of pounds over the years and keep them off!

You’ve got to recognize that being overweight is nothing more than poor health. The ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency of your metabolism and balance your hormones. As this happens, you will not only get healthier, but you will steadily drop fat and increase lean muscle mass until you finally reach your ideal body weight. You may be asking if our Wellness Method Program will help you lose 10 pounds in the first week or will it help you lose 20 pounds in the first month. Well our answer is maybe, but it depends on where your health is at. Because, once we understand the cause of your weight gain and learn exactly what you need to do to lose fat, your weight loss will be permanent!

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