Lab Tests

We believe in seeing the entire picture of your health in order to guide you to the best possible outcome.  Lab testing is a key component to the impressive results our Wellness Partner get when working with our team.

Blood Labs
Understanding how the medical system interprets labs and where the lab ranges come from is important to understanding how we are different.  
Our lab values are based on healthy ranges as opposed to ranges that come from the largely unhealthy U.S. population.  You want your lab ranges to reflect health.

DNA Testing
We now can use your genetic information to understand what lifestyle practices will yield the best health results for you.   Your information will NOT be sold.    

Imagine knowing what type of exercise will help you lose weight with ease.  Learn through this testing what foods could genetically cause your harm and what foods can do you good.  Understand in advance disease and health risks you are predisposed to.  And then MOST importantly, get an actionable plan that you can implement in your life based on your results to become the best, healthiest version of you!

Hormone Testing
We understand as you age hormones get out of balance and can cause ongoing struggles.  Balancing hormones naturally is an approach we’ve used to help so many, but you must have the whole picture to understand truly the underlying cause.  Our tests provide a complete picture so we know where to start.