Personalized Supplements

Personalized Supplements

DNA Testing

Imagine if you could look into your DNA and it would tell you:

  • Exactly what exercise would help you lose weight with ease
  • What foods will help you to be a fat burner
  • Which foods genetically could cause you harm
  • Any advance dis-ease & health risks you are predisposed to

DNA Testing gives you the edge and an ‘owners manual’ to your lifestyle.  Dr. Kobsar’s research into companies that provide DNA testing was long and arduous, but here we have found a lab that does NOT sell your data and provides a comprehensive report on lifestyle recommendations from food, to exercise, to health risks, to vitamin and mineral needs.

Customized Supplements Because You Are Individually Designed

Dr. Bradley Kobsar spent years researching natural supplementation to finally find a reputable line he could stand behind.  ID Life is more than a supplement company, it is a movement of like minded wellness advocates backed by a Scientific Medical Advisory Board that passed Dr. Kobsar’s extremely high standards.

Understand that we are not a supplement driven program.  We do not believe that you can take a supplement and everything will be fine.  It is part of our approach, and a necessary one since our food that we consume these days is lacking in nutrients.

You are an individual, so your supplement needs should reflect your individuality.  IDNutrition is a fully customized supplement regimen that takes the guesswork out of deciding what supplements to take and when. Our HIPAA compliant IDAssessment ensure you receive the supplements that will benefit you and eliminates any supplements that could have adverse effects. Developed over 18 years by a group of scientists and doctors, this extensive technology takes into consideration what medications you are currently taking, your dietary habits, allergies and much more!

The IDAssessment will also provide your IDHealth Score, a comprehensive Health Report, and provide you with nutritional recommendations customized to you based on your responses to the IDAssessment. Every IDNutrition order is individually packed with your name on it and delivered right to your front door each month.  Dr. Kobsar realizes that convenience and price are important when recommending supplements, so this is his solutions to your individual needs.

Learn more about your genetic profile with DNA Testing.

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