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Here is what other clients have to say:

I look back at when I started on this journey with you to get my health back on track. Thanks to all of you I feel SO much better! I’m sleeping better, I have more energy, and of course, my weight is down 42 pounds. Who would’ve thought? Not me! I couldn’t have done it without all of you. You provide such a great service, life-changing indeed!! So, thank you all so much for helping me get my health back.
My weight, blood sugar and blood pressure have been rising over the past few years. I was feeling horrible about the way I looked. I lacked energy, motivation and the knowledge to get on the right track. Had I not found Judy and Dr. Kobsar I would’ve stayed on the road to self-destruction. Wellness Method and the team turned my life around. My weight, blood pressure and blood sugar have all dropped to healthy levels. My hormones are balanced and I am happier!
I was feeling very helpless. I have diabetes and I was just feeling miserable all the time. The medicines are not working. They were making me feel even worse. I was trying to find something that would help me control my diabetes without medication. My doctors never discussed that diabetes was reversible with me. They just continued prescribing different medications. This program has completely helped me. My blood sugar counts are below 100 every day on a regular basis. They were originally between 240 and 300 before I started recreate 365. It’s been awesome!
I hit all my goals and my metabolic age when from 79 years old to 49 years old. My real age is 61! Weight dropped, energy came back and I feel so good!
I lost 20 pounds and I feel great. I’m proud of myself and I’ve been feeling happy all the time. Recreate has been a life-changing experience. Dr. Kobsar, Judy and the team really care about each person here. I have hope now when I didn’t before. I would recommend it to everyone and I hope that all my loved ones do the program.
I lost 21 pounds in 28 days doing the detox alone. That was with limited exercise because I was focusing on my diet at the time. The detox just cleansed me out, which is exactly what it's supposed to do. I Was able to quit the medication I've been taking for acid reflux. This was pretty phenomenal. I have been of it for almost a year now. Overall, I just feel so much better. I've been able to work out much more than used to. I have been doing much more structured workouts. I learned how to use different aspects of my body in better ways. This program has been a huge help in my overall health and happiness.